The Hamsta' Gang Rap
Song by The Hamsta' Gang
Genre(s): Rap
Length: 1:20
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The Hamsta' Gang Rag is a song by The Hamsta' Gang or A.K.A (The Gangta' Hamsters). This song is written by Basak Serin. This song is going to be played in Underfist: The Horror of Halloween Candy.


Oh yeah

We are the...

Hamsta' Gang!

or A.K.A

The Gangta' Hamsters!

Oh yeah!

You don't tell us what to do...

'Cause we're the boss of you

d-destory d-destory the w-world!

And we wanna destory you!

We are the Hamsta' Gang!

We-We are the Hamsta' Gang!

We'll steal your candy we'll make you sad

If you tell you'll make me mad

(kid cries)

If you call the cops

we'll make you pop

like a bubblegum!

And your such a bum

We are evil!

that's how we roll

we'll turn your head to a hole

'cause we are evil!

you don't tell us what to do

or we'll destroy you!

(bomb expoldes)

I'll shoot you if you call the cops!

'Cause We are...

The Hamsta' Gang!

I robbin' the bank

I robbin' yo house!

So watch out!

I use no brains

But I use brawl!

I'll hotwire yo car

I gotta Gun!

'Cause we are

The Hamsta' Gang!

Kid, give me yo lunch money!

Kid: No!

Give meh yo lunch money NOW!

Kid: (wimpers) fine

'Cause we are The Hamsta' Gang!


We wanna destroy the world!

'Cause we are the hamsta' Gang!

You can't destroy us!

'Cause we are the hamsta' Gang!

Yo suck!


We want steal yo games

We are evil

That's how we roll!

'Cause we're hardcore!

Oh yeah!!

That's how we roll!