Gender: Female
Age: 1 year old
Height: 8in.
Weight: 10lbs.
Hair: White
Eyes: Blue
Nationality: American
Hometown: Blanchard, OK
Born: October, 18
Friends and Family
Everyone (expect for villians)
New Zealand Mix
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  Underfist: The Horror of Halloween Candy
Voiced by:
Britt Irvin
Where's the party at?

Tavy Arianna Rabbit [1] is an nice, smart, and cute bunny. She is an snow white bunny. She is voiced by Britt Irvin.


Tavy has a wonderfully outgoing personality and is just teeming with a zest for life. She loves attention and rushes up to visitors looking to be petted. She likes to make her wishes known, which include, above all, food, food, food, and running, and she has quickly learned how to convince her owners to fulfill these wishes. It is a joy to watch her race around in zig-zag patterns and with her long ears flapping in the wind. She is so full of life and you can see a twinkle in her beautiful eyes when she runs laps around the house. Every bit as enjoyable to her as running is getting pets, which is about the only thing that will slow her down. Pausing for pets, she turns into a true "pancake bunny" and enjoys the loving. The unmistakable look of bunny bliss on her face says: Life is good.

Fun Facts

Breed: New Zealand

Her favorite saying: "Where's the party at?" ("Party Up, Up and Away!")

Hobbies: toy-tossing, chewing on willow toys, and supervising the human activities in the warren

Perfect match: A fun-loving family or individual who is willing to spend a lot of party time with her which preferably involves a lot of carrots and other goodies