Sunny Timothy "Timm" Hamsterburg is an funny,smart, and adorable hamster. He is an golden brown hamster. He has teal eyes. He is 4 1/2in. He weighs 3 ounces. He is the presendent of Hamsterworld also he is an enertainer. He says a lot of funny jokes. He is voiced by Ruzgar Stanley Serin.

Sunny Timothy Hamsterburg
Voice Actor Ruzgar Stanley Serin

December, 21

Age: 2 years

Fur Color Golden/Brown
Eye Color Teal
Best Friends

Every Dog

Brownie Katzwell (sometimes)

His Family


Everything who eats hamsters



Presendent of Hamsterworld



Golden Brown Hamster

He is married with Peaches and his children are Snowy, Sunshine, Rainy and Waffles Hamsterburg. All of his cousins are crazy. Even his mom, sometimes. They are also very funny little hamsters. He is sometimes lazy. On the weekends when he doesn't work so he watches an movie eating popcorn and drinking soda. He was so popular in Hamsterville Private School. He was so rich since he was born. Also he's still rich today. He was never poor. He yells when he doensn't wanna do something.

He laughs at random stuff. He goes to the movie theater every 3 times an week. He watches comedy and action movies. He also owns two cities and two restarants. He owns Hamsterville and Gerbiltown. Those cities cost $600 million dollars each. Which he doesn't pay monthly. Those restarants are HAMburger town! and HamDonlds. Those restarants cost $315,000 each of them. He also paid them full. He has over $900 zillion dollars. His wife Peaches is an 3rd grade teacher. Peaches was also rich when she was born. Snowy, Sunshine, and Rainy are so lucky to have those parents. Everyone loves Sunny. He also has 5 mansions, 3 houses, and 4 ranch houses. But he lives in one of those houses. He has over 50 cars and all of them are new cars. He is also everyone's favorite. His favorite holiday is Christmas. People sometimes call him, "Sunny Money!" or "Sunny Money Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday!"