Sassy Dog
Gender: Female
Age: 7 months
Height: 5in.
Weight: 4lbs.
Hair: Red, Blonde, and Light Brown
Eyes: Blue
Nationality: American
Hometown: Cape Cod, MA
Born: June, 3
Nemesis: Fyesques Chihuahua
Professional Information
  The Royal Beauty Pagent
Friends and Family
Ginger Dog
Rockstar Dog
Roxee Dog
Everyone (expect villians, Con, and Fyesques Chihuahua)
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  First Morning
Voiced by:
Yesenia Villarreal

I'm the world's prettiest puppy!
Sassy in Fyesques!

Sassy Mackenzie Dog [1] is an cruel-hearted, pretty, nice (sometimes), and a fancy dog. Her mom is Ginger Dog and her dad is Kyle Dog and her sister is Roxee Dog. She goes to the Fancy Mall where there are there Coca Butter Spa, and the Fancy Bontique. She is voiced by Yesenia Villarreal.


She has blue eyes and red, blonde, and light brown fur. She is was born on June,3, 2011 she is 2 months. She weighs 4lbs and she is 5in. tall.

Sometimes people call her Pinkie, she hates when people call her Pinkie. Her favorite color is pink, green, purple, blue and gold. Her worst enemy is Fyesques Chihuahua ("Fyesques). She goes to The Royal Beauty Pagent.