Click here if you want to see First Morning the episode. This episode was written by Basak Serin and Yesenia Villarreal.

(First Introduction)

At The Backyard

(birds chirping)

Brownie: What a beatiful morning!

Hershey: Your're right! It's a great day to go to the park!

Sassy: Bonjour, Brownie! Ugh, Hershey. Are you going to the park?

Brownie: Yep! Can you come to the park with us?

Sassy: No, thanks! I'm gonna go to the spa!

Hershey: Let's go!

Roxee: Can I come, too?

Brownie: Yeah!

At The Park

Brownie: Wait a minute, what is Sassy doing here?! I thought she went to the spa!

Roxee: Hmm. I guess she doesn't wanna hang out with us? I dunno. Hey! Let's go the house over there!

Hershey: Okay! Wait I'm hungry let's get ice cream!

Brownie: Yeah!

(ice cream truck sound)

Brownie: Yay!

Hershey/Roxee: Yay! Yummy!

Ice Cream Guy: Hello! What would you like to get?

Roxee: I want chocolate chip ice cream!

Brownie: I want a cotton candy popsicle!

Hershey: Well, I want bubblegum ice cream!

Ice Cream Guy: Okay! That'll be $5.00.

(Brownie pays, Ice Cream Guy gives their ice cream)

Brownie/Roxee/Hershey: Thanks!

Roxee: What did you get, Brownie?

Brownie: I got a cotton candy popsicle! What did you get, Roxee?

Roxee: I got chocolate chip ice cream!

Hershey: And I got bubblegum ice cream! Yeah!

Brownie: Okay wanna go to that house over there?

Roxee: Yeah! This is great!

Brownie: Let's go play!

Roxee/Hershey: Sure! Okay!

Roxee/Hershey/Brownie: That was fun!

Hershey: But it's getting dark, maybe we should go home. 'Cause it's almost dinner time, and I'm hungry!

Brownie: Yep.

Cherry: Hey, guys!

Torrie: Hi!

Brownie: Hey! We have to go home. It's gettin' dark.

Torrie/Cherry: Bye!

At Home

Hershey: It's great to be home!

Brownie: Yeah.

Roxee: I'm tired.

Brownie: Me, too!

Hershey: Me, three! Also I'm hungry!

Roxee: Yay! Dinner! Yum! Ooh! It's pizza!

Brownie: Pizza for dinner! Cool!

Hershey: Yummy! Delicious!

Roxee: Yep! Great!

Saturday Morning

Roxee: (panting) It's so hot!

Brownie: It's like I'm walking into an oven!

Hershey: Man, I'm sweatin'!

Sassy: We sure need that ice cream truck guy about now! Even though he ice cream melts fast! Ugh! Also I'm sweatin'...uh, I mean...I don't sweat! I... just...DON'T LOOK AT ME!!!!

Roxee: I agree, and Sassy you do sweat, everyone does!

Sassy: Hmph! I compete in Beauty Pagents! I'm so beautiful! And I WANT AN BANANA SPLIT ...with cherry on top!

Roxee: What? What does that have to do with you competing in beauty pagents?!

Sunny: Hey guys! I have an delicious crystal cold water! Ya want it? Huh?! I know ya want it!

Hershey: (yelling) Yes! Gemme that! AHHH!!!!!

(Hershey chases Sunny)

Sunny: (screaming)

Roxee: I can't believe it's so hot in June!

Sassy: Duh! It's summer!

Roxee: I knew that! I mean it's like 110 degrees!

Sassy: Okay then! Geez!

Brownie: I think we should go inside!

Sassy/Roxee/Sunny/Hershey/: Yes! Yeah! I agree! Yep!

(all muttering excitedly)

The End!