Brownie Mittens Katzwell
Gender: Female
Age: 1 and 2 months
Height: 7in. tall
Nationality: American
Hometown: Austin, Texas
Born: July 15
Professional Information
Friends and Family
Samantha Katzwell

Toby Katzwell

Hershey White-Katzwell (step-brother)
Evita White-Katzwell (step-sister)
Teddy Katzwell
Sam Katzwell
Torrie Katzwell
Roxee Dog
Hershey White-Katzwell (sometimes) (step-brother)
Sassy Dog
Sunny Hamsterburg (sometimes)
Snowy Hamsterburg (sometimes)
Peaches Hamsterburg
Sunshine Hamsterburg
Wolfie Kitty
Crystal Finch
Her Family

Ana Raging
Nocona Winter
Whiskers Orange
Princess Millie
Teddy Katzwell (brother)
Torrie Katzwell (sister)
Evita White-Katzwell
Brewster Poodle
Sam Katzwell (brother)
(others friends expect enemies)

Eye Color:

Teal (as a Kitten)

Fur Color:
Light Brown/Rich Cinnimon Color
Brown/Tabby Mix


Voiced By:
Basak Serin
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  First Morning

Hi my name is Brownie-like the delicous kind of fudge that my owners make!
Brownie in First Morning

Brownie Mittens Katzwell [1] (voiced by Basak Serin) is a smart, cute, brave, kind and an high-intelligent mad scientist cat.

She an her friends fight villians like Dr. Kitty Kat also wanting to rule the world and he appeared on The Crazy World of Brownie and Taylor: The Movie. She is the main character on the show.

Her step brother: Hershey is the second main charcter on the show. Brownie gets annoyed by him. Everyone is her friend expect for Sunny (sometimes), Peaches, Snowy, Sunshine, Gilbert, Dr. Katzwell (Dad), Anti Brownie, Rainbow, Master Eagle, Evil Bunny, Mandy Vega and some characters in Underfist: The Horror of Halloween Candy! She appeared on the episode First Morning, the first episode of the show. She is also an brown/tabby mix cat. Her favorite color is purple, green, and orange.

She became the president of Rhode Island in episode 49 in Underfist: The Horror of Halloween Candy Her owners are The Holiday Family. She is the stepsister of Hershey and Evita and the sister of Torrie, Teddy,and Sam. Her favorite drink is Orange Tango Blast.

Her cousin, Julie, Brownie gets annoyed by her. She was born in Austin, TX but she lives with her owner in Rhode Island. Roxee and Hershey are her best friends. She is everybody's friend expect villians and whatever she eats or gets annoyed by.

She secertly drives an big, nice and expensive SUV. But she doesn't tell anyone. She loves spicy foods because in Season 3 she had an contest with Hershey and Nocona, she won because she did not drink any water.

Her address is 14806 Cervin Cove. It is an 2 story house with an huge backyard.



  • "Hi! My name is Brownie like the delious kind of fudge that my owners make."
  • "Are you kidding me?"
  • "Roxee, you're an mad scientist!"
  • "What are you doing? "
  • "That's freaky."
  • "I'm smarter than you Hershey!"
  • "Halloween's AWESOME!!"
  • "What is wrong with you?!"
  • "That's WORTHLESS! "
  • "CANDY!!"
  • "This plan already reeks of failure."
  • "I am always correct! Aren't I?"
  • "This is bad."