Basak Serin is an American child Voice actress, artist, and animator and was born on Jan.26,2000 (age 12) in Raleigh, North Carolina. She lives in Austin, Texas. She is best known as making the voice of Brownie Katzwell, Snowy Hamsterburg, Ana Raging, Mandy Vega, and Nocona Winter in The Crazy World of Brownie and Taylor. She only makes cartoons. Her first show that she made when she was 9 in 2009 was (3 Wittle Kittens!). Her name (Basak) is pronouced (Bashak).

She shows on Cartoon Network (2011-present), Disney XD (2012-present) and Disney Channel (2012-present). She is half American and half Itailan. Her dad is an author, and he works at Mental Health and her mom is an author and she is an Realtor. She has 1 dog, Brewster, 3 cats, Brownie, Nocona, and Whiskers, 1 bunny, Tavy and 1 hamster waffles. Her brother's name is Ruzgar Stanley Serin.